Heidi C. Gerhards, M.S.
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Gerhards has 20 years’ experience planning, coordinating, and implementing organizational transformation in government and corporate settings, including those relating to operational intelligence, counterterrorism, and immigration. Prior to founding Fuel, Ms. Gerhards began her career with the CIA, where she supported a variety of intelligence missions, before moving to PricewaterhouseCoopers and Electronic Data Systems, where she led teams providing strategic planning, process improvement, and organizational change management services. Since founding Fuel Consulting, LLC’s predecessor in 2003, Ms. Gerhards has deployed her skills primarily in the area of counterterrorism program strategic planning and communications. Among other projects, she was recruited to assist in the creation of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center and its successor. She helped cultivate interagency support and develop the first strategic plan for these and other programs. She currently advises the nation’s leading counterterrorism organization on its information technology and communications capabilities and strategies.

Sheri Bobko
Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Bobko is a seasoned technology project manager and consultant with broad expertise in assisting clients in the Intelligence Community and other federal government agencies with data management, application modernization, information management, and resource management. She spent over 25 years with Electronic Data Systems and came to Fuel Consulting to work on data analytic initiatives. She holds PMP, ITIL, Scrum Master, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and ITSM DEVSECOPS certifications.

William “Bill” Apigian, M.S., M.A.
Vice President

Mr. Apigian specializes in strategic operational planning and interagency coordination. Working as a senior planner, often in close coordination with the National Security Council, he has translated national security policies into plans, programs, and operations that have shaped U.S. counterterrorism efforts for the past decade. He has developed programs to synchronize governmental activities to achieve strategic goals; created and invigorated publications and programs to improve communications among federal leaders and within collaborative communities; and served as an expert in counterterrorism and Middle East affairs. Prior to joining Fuel in October 2007, Mr. Apigian served for two decades as a career officer in the U.S. Army. He currently advises on strategic planning and policy development at the National Counterterrorism Center.

Fran Labate, M.S.
Vice President of Advanced Analytics

Since joining Fuel Consulting in January 2017, Mr. Labate has spent the past year supporting a major intelligence agency’s big-data analytics initiatives. He spent the previous 13 years supporting major missions at the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) as a senior analyst in the Data Analytics Branch of the Directorate of Intelligence. For six years prior to that, he was at the National Reconnaissance Office as a senior signals intelligence analyst and systems engineer. With his 38 years of professional experience, Mr. Labate brings counterterrorism analysis and data science, national technical means performance analysis, systems engineering, and mathematical modeling to Fuel's clients. His numerous assignments at various agencies in the Intelligence Community throughout his career have given him a wide breadth of experience in several intelligence disciplines. Extensively published at NCTC, Mr. Labate's analyses frequently formed the bases of reports that have been read by and have influenced decision-makers, from law enforcement and border protection officials around the United States to senior policy-makers at the highest levels of the White House and the National Security staff. Mr. Labate was also a frequent collaborator with FBI officials nationwide on much more tactical threats.