Integrated Marketing & Communications

A sound strategic plan is only the beginning in achieving mission success. Effective communication — in terms of timing, targeting, and tenor — also is critical.  Without it, unexpected events, unfamiliar bureaucratic terrain, or simple lack of focus can fatally undermine an otherwise promising project or essential mission.

Our solution: Mobilize your organization, employees, and constituencies with expert communications coaching, planning, and implementation. Fuel has extensive experience helping organizations develop and deliver the right message at the right time to the right people, to both internal and external stakeholders.

Example: Stakeholder Engagement

A large federal agency was tasked with transforming a sister institution by integrating its analytic processes, establishing best practices, and mapping career paths. However, it had a major communications challenge: Its stakeholders didn't understand its mission.

Fuel worked with the client to craft a communications plan that overcame reflexive resistance by clearly explaining the program’s goals of reform and advancement. Success in this effort was dependent upon mobilizing a variety of client representatives — both in government and in consulting firms — to develop a road map that would deliver the client’s desired goals. Fuel’s communications strategy emphasized bridging gaps to create a common understanding of the overarching goal of the program by simplifying and streamlining the client’s messaging.

Example: Rehabilitating Reputations

An organization with a negative publicity profile requested Fuel’s assistance in restoring the confidence of customers and executive stakeholders. First, our team diagnosed the problem by taking an inventory of existing commitments and mandates and helping the client identify “core services.” With this information in hand, the client was better able to deliver on its promises (a problem in the past).

Fuel also helped the client identify and understand the various interests and expectations of its stakeholders. Building on that more comprehensive awareness, Fuel and the client mobilized internal and external communication campaigns that targeted those interests and expectations.

Finally, Fuel developed consistent and straightforward messaging modules, including several reporting templates, to simplify routine communications. Within months, stakeholders were supportive and satisfied by the clarity and frequency of the client’s reporting.

Example: Re-branding

An Intelligence Community client contacted Fuel because, as far as its stakeholders were concerned, the client was completely invisible. Only when something negative happened did the client receive attention, and not the type of attention that organizations want.

Fuel helped the client by re-branding the organization — the look, image, voice, and types of messaging were fully recalibrated. Fuel gathered stakeholder views through interviews, identified key brand attributes that were missing or underdeveloped, and helped the client develop a new presence through a complete brand overhaul.

The result: Stakeholders not only took notice, but asked the client to share its communications resources — the Fuel consultants — so they could enhance their own brands and brand awareness.