Technology Services

Fuel Consulting formulates practical and comprehensive IT to support our clients’ missions and align with their own best practices. Our consultants draw on their expertise to create frameworks that address complex systems and data integration, implementation, and advanced technology-insertion challenges. Fuel has helped our customers with immediate improvements to their high-performance super-computing platforms, deploying a decentralized framework for improved system security and stability across thousands of compute nodes. We also have taken our clients from monolithic point-solutions to enterprise-class delivery platforms, with reusable foundational services. Let us evaluate your systems’ vulnerabilities, streamline your software, and protect your processing. Fuel’s solutions for architecture and security are robust, agile, and extensible. 

Example: Integration Roadmap

A client’s flagship program was in need of cohesive IT fusion and organization as its mission grew and progressed. Fuel’s strategists, having observed the agency’s needs and goals, developed a critical integration road map to link mission requirements, capabilities, and shared services. This technological road map helps to drive our client’s strategic planning and implementation activities for its flagship program.