Synergy and Other Stuff That Really Works for Consultants


By Monica Wamsley

Monica joined the Fuel team as its lead editor and language technician in August 2017; she had been with Ideen, LLC prior to this. She specializes in communications and has strong feelings about the serial comma.

It doesn’t seem to matter what industry we’re in: There are meetings that could have been emails and emails that should have been meetings. There is almost never enough coffee for whatever someone said when you walked in the door. There are buzzwords and jargon—and, if we’re lucky, there’s synergy.

Ugh. I know.

There are things we all face and things we all share, with years of experience and project after project of delivering trusted advice and reliable implementations.

So how can we stand out as consultants? Let's take the jargon out of synergy. I have a few non-technical suggestions:

Not everything is meant for email. Try picking up the phone or taking a walk the next time you need to meet with someone.  

Kindness and understanding go a long way. Notice how mood improves for you and your group when messages and discussions are infused with smiles and thoughtful responses.

Say what you mean. Use clear wording in internal requests, external proposals, all branding, and, well, everything. Maybe ask a colleague for another set of eyes to ensure your materials are accurate and present a shared understanding.

Synergy doesn’t have to be a watercooler joke or a word used only with air quotes. These things help us not only as consultants, but also as humans. When we bring synergy and humanity to our consulting, we bring it to more corners of our lives. 

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