Meet John Crooke

Meet John Crooke, Fuel’s senior engineering consultant with “expert engineering capability,” according to a prime contractor we’re supporting.

“John has demonstrated his superior skills [with NiFi integration in a cross-domain environment] to contribute to the success of the mission,” wrote the prime in a letter to our CEO, Heidi Gerhards, this spring.

“Our customer and coworkers here regularly seek his inputs on NiFi issues and John always has or quickly finds answers. When we had a data flow issue with one of our downstream customer and they reached out to me for a status and explanation of some data flow problems they thought they were seeing, I was quickly able to bring up John's NiFi dashboard and get to the bottom of it — providing a response in a small fraction of the amount of time it used to take,” said Fuel colleague and vice president for advanced analytics, Fran Labate, about John and his contributions to mission success for this government client.

Most recently, John has been lauded for completely transforming this prime’s data-management environment, leveraging existing enterprise capabilities such as ElasticSearch, Kibana, Hadoop, and RESTful web services.

“The team is now able to be alerted when data is delivered, significantly improving what was previously a manual, non-standardized process,” wrote the prime in a letter to Heidi this summer.

“It would be extremely difficult to provide timely status responses to our customer without it,” said Fran.

Fuel sends only the best consultants to our clients. Great work, John!

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