Leadership Spotlight: Fran Labate

Fran is Fuel Consulting’s VP for Advanced Analytics. To Fran, this means he is a senior analyst and applied technologist who relies on advanced analytic tools and programming techniques, deep experience working with big data, and expertise in his client’s domain. To our clients, this means answers.

Fran is short for Francis, but his dad's name was Frank, so he has always answered to either Fran or Francis.  His NFL football hero was a Fran also, so that helped!

“Professionally, since becoming a counterterrorism analyst, I get the most satisfaction out of using big data and analytic tools against threat streams. I love discovering new insights and knowledge that are useful strategically to senior leadership or tactically to operators on the ground,” says Fran. He often shares methodologies he has developed and enjoys being a resource for others. (You can read Fran’s full bio here.)

When Fran isn’t asking questions and discovering the answers, he loves to travel with his wife, to spend time with their children and their Cocker Spaniel, and to golf.

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